The first round began. Cerrone lands a leg kick and then gets a double Leg Takedown. Half guard. Story works rubber guard. He loses it. 4 minutes. Cerrone stands to the clinch. Story gets a trip. Cerrone works for a triangle. 3 minutes. Story escapes - side control. He gets the back. Right hand underneath and another. Hard knee to the body. They break away. 2 minutes. Story lands an inside leg kick.. Cerrone knees the body and then front kicks the body. Story lands a body kick and lands a left hand. Cerrone lands a nice leg kick. Story replies with a an inside kick. One minute left. Story lands a left to the body. Cerrone lands a huge flurry of punches. 30 seconds left. CERRONE lands a leg kick and two rights and a hard left story lands a leg kick and eats a body kick 10 seconds left Story lands a counter left. he lands a body kick. R1 ends 10-9 Cerrone.

Second-round begin. My Stream is kind of being a douche now. Story lands a left to the body. Cerrone lands a leg kick and then two good right hands. He front kicks the body and lands a good leg kick. Another good leg kick. And an inside kick. He lands a check knee to the body. Hard leg kick and a right to the body and a high kick hurt story. He knees the body and drops story with a right hand right hands underneath and it's over just under 3 minutes left. 2:02 R2. He calls out Eddie Alvarez for the lightweight title at Madison Square Garden.

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