The fight was for King of the Cage and Diego Sanchez of course came in undefeated.

The FightEdit

The first round began. They circled, Sanchez shot for the single and got it to half-guard and mounted after a moment. Cronk trying to hug him. Cronk rolled and gave up the back. Sanchez had both hooks as they rolled. The crowd chanted 'Diego' rhythmically. 'Choke his ass, choke him, squeeze!' an over-enthusiastic cornerman or audience member yelled. Sanchez had the choke in, but Cronk was fighting it. That guy kept yelling it. The guy was talking right into Sanchez's ear, it's a black dude. Cronk turned on top to guard almost, Sanchez retained the back. 'Pour it on, Diego!' Cronk turned aggressively on top into guard. Sanchez threw up a triangle attempt and they rolled explsoively, Cronk turtled Sanchez up and kneed the body. They stood to the clinch. Sanchez shoved Cronk against the fence. The crowd chanted 'Di-e-go.' Then 'Diego!' Sanchez got a body lock to side control and mount. Cronk turned out right into an armbar attempt. He was defending posturing up and slammed Sanchez, Sanchez cranked it, Cronk turned out on top to guard. Cronk passed to half-guard. Sanchez turned to take the back with one hook. Cronk worked for a kimura from there. He tried to turn, Sanchez wasn't having it. Cronk turned on top to guard again after a moment. Sanchez grabbed for another armbar and this time it was tight, Cronk escaped on top back to guard. Cronk isn't trying to land any punches. Sanchez rolled for an omoplata, Cronk escaped on top to guard. Sanchez locked up a triangle. It was tight, Cronk postured up and got out as the first round ended. Sanchez got up slowly and Cronk got up even more slowly. Cronk's hands were on his knees. Their corners didn't even come in. They just talked to them from the outside. Looks like Diego was still with Greg Jackson. The second round began. They circled. Sanchez landed a good right hook. They clinched. Sanchez worked for a double and slammed Cronk with a hard crunch into side control by the cage. Not much going on. Sanchez worked for mount and he had it, Cronk turned and gave up his back without hooks and flattened out, he turned back to mount. He gave up the back again. This is pure ground domination by Sanchez. Cronk gave up the back again and then turned on top to the guard. Not much going on and then Sanchez went for a kimura and he had it tight, Cronk was yelping and he tapped.

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