UFC95 MaiaSonnen 136

Maia locking in a tight triangle on Sonnen.

The fight was veteran Chael Sonnen's return to the UFC.

The FightEdit

The first round began. They touched gloves. Maia landed a body kick, which Sonnen caught and shoved Maia down but let him up. Maia landed another body kick. Sonnen landed an inside leg kick. Maia landed a body shot. Maia went for the takedown and Sonnen showed off a good sprawl. Maia got the double underhooks on the ground. Sonnen stood up. Maia landed a jab from the bottom. They grappled on the ground. Sonnen stood once more and landed a thigh kick. They continued grappling. Maia got full guard. Sonnen stood up and let Maia up. Sonnen landed a good one-two combination. They clinched. Maia got the throw takedown to full mount. Maia locked in a tight triangle and Sonnen was forced to tap. The fighters hugged. Wanderlei Silva patted Maia's back, proud that his partner had won.

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