Henry Corrales came in undefeated and it was his first loss.

The first round began. Straus shot for a double and got it to half-guard. Corrales stands to the clinch. Straus knees the thigh. Straus knees the leg. 4:00. Straus gets a slick trip against the cage. Pinning him against the fence. Corrales stands to the clinch nonetheless, escapes a standing guillotine. Straus knees the body. 3:00. Jockeying for position. Straus lands a pair of lefts, a right, a knee, big lefts, drops him with one, lefts under. Corrales is up to the clinch. Left uppercuts from Straus inside. 2:00. Straus firing away, lands a big left. Straus broke with big lefts, more, Corrales is badly wobbling. Straus stalking. Lands a big inside kick. Eats one. Straus lands a one-two, knees the head, Corrales lands a right to the body, right uppercut. 1:00. Straus lands a left. Good head movement, too. Corrales lands an inside kick eating a counter left. 35. Corrales checks an inside kick. Straus gets a trip to half-guard. Left elbow to the body, 15. Corrales turtles up, tries a single standing, Straus has a tight guillotine rolling him, R1 ends, 10-8 Straus IMO, came too close to finishing too many times.

R2 began. Straus slips a right slickly. Corrales lands an inside kick, eats a hard one. Corrales lands a few more kicks, not much on them. 4:00. Corrales trying to kick. Lands a good inside kick. Straus lands a left. Straus lands a left, eats a clipping right. Corrales lands a right. Corrales lands a combo. 3:00. Straus landsa  one-two, drops him with a big left, pounces, mounts, big rights under now, right hammerfists, both hooks. Looking for the choke, it's on the jaw. Swelling under Corrales' right eye. Straus locks up the body triangle and the tight choke. Both tight. Straus lets it go, lands a few lefts, thinking of transitioning to an arm triangle. "Head arm!" 2:00. Straus turns for it, has it. Corrales escapes, Straus mounts. Straus thinking guillotine in a scramble, Corrales taps, wow. They hug. Straus said "My man Mo told me I need to open my mouth more. Whoever wins that belt tonight, Imma beat yo ass and any other 45er Imma beat yo ass, too," Straus says meaning the title fight between Pitbull and Weichel.