Renzo henderson

A very grainy photo of Henderson pushing forward against Gracie.

The FightEdit

The first round began. Gracie landed a leg kick. He dodged a right hand, shot in, Henderson sprawled and they stood and broke. Henderson stuffed a takedown and ate a right hand and then a left. Gracie missed a leg kick. He shot in, Henderson sprawled and landed a pair of big knees to the forehead nicely. Gracie tried to pull guard, Henderson stood and let him up. Gracie landed an overhand left and they clinched and broke. Henderson stuffed another takedown and landed hammerfists in under and a pair of knees to the forehead and they stood and Henderson broke with a narrowly missed knee towards the head. Gracie landed a leg kick and shot in, Gracie tried to pull guard and Henderson landed a right hand on his knees that knocked Gracie out cold limp laying there. It was over.

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