Ufc 107 002 damarques johnson edgar garcia cordova-154-5 fn

Johnson locking up the tight triangle on Garcia.

After the fight, Edgar Garcia was cut from the UFC.

The FightEdit

The first round began and they touched gloves. Garcia missed a winging right hand immediately. Johnson landed a right hand as he ate a leg kick. Johnson landed a right hand and a left hook. Johnson landed a nice leg kick. Four twenty-five. Johnson landed a jab and ate a combination to the body. Four ten. Johnson landed a right hand to counter a body shot. Johnson landed a left hook. Johnson landed a body kick, Garcia caught it for the takedown to half-guard. Johnson had an overhook down there and he regained guard after a moment. Three twenty. Garcia passed to half-guard. Johnson tried the sweep and turtled up. Garcia sat over for a Peruvian necktie. He had it locked. It was in. Johnson gave the thumbs up to Herb. Johnson escaped as Garcia let it go and they stood and broke. Two twenty. Garcia might have gassed his arms out. Garcia landed a leg kick. They clinched. Two minutes. Johnson landed a good knee. They broke and Garcia landed a combination. Garcia winged some more punches and missed. They slapped gloves. Johnson yelled, pumped up. Garcia landed a counter right and dropped Johnson. Johnson was turtled up eating body shots. he turned and had the back. Garcia landed more body shots postured up and landed right hands down to the face. One minute and Johnson landed an upkick and rocked Garcia hard and then locked up a tight triangle and Garcia tapped after a moment. What a fucking fight.

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