Liddell performing his customary knockout celebration as referee Big John McCarthy attends to Sobral.

The fight was for the UFC light-heavyweight championship with Chuck Liddell defending.

The FightEdit

The first round began. Liddell looked relaxed and Sobral looked determined. The two men circled in the feeling-out process. Sobral landed some quick strikes, forcing Liddell backwards. Sobral went for the takedown and Liddell danced aside and landed an uppercut and Sobral went to his knees. Sobral stood and Liddell flurried strikes. Sobral was hurt bad. He stumbled away and fell, but Liddell kept coming after him. Liddell began landing some ground-and-pound from the standing position. With three minutes and twenty-seven seconds remaining in the first round, McCarthy stopped the fight.

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