Rua hammerfisting a dazed Liddell moments before the fight was stopped by referee Mario Yamasaki.

This was thought to be Chuck Liddell's last MMA fight, as it was his second consecutive knockout loss. With the win, Mauricio Rua earned his first shot at Lyoto Machida and the latter's light-heavyweight championship at UFC 104.

The FightEdit

The first round began. Shogun landed a leg kick. Shogun tried for a high kick. Liddell pushed forward but didn't land anything. Shogun landed another leg kick. Shogun clipped Liddell with a right. Liddell landed some strikes and pushed forward. They exchanged strikes again. Shogun had a small cut on his forehead at this point. Shogun landed a big shot. Liddell landed some shots. Three minutes now remained. Liddell tried for a leg kick. Shogun went for the takedown and got it. He got Liddell's back. Shogun went for the leglock and Liddell attempted to spin out. The crowd roared. They got to their feet with Shogun retaining control of Liddell's back. Shogun landed knees as they turned it around to a clench. Liddell broke the clinch and landed a strike. Liddell landed a right hand. Liddell tried a high kick unsuccessfully. One minute remained. Liddell got the takedown into Shogun's full guard. Liddell managed to stand up. Forty seconds remained. With thirty-seven seconds remaining, Shogun landed a hard left and dropped Liddell, hammerfisted, and Yamasaki stopped the fight. Blood was all over Liddell's forehead. Liddell asked Yamasaki what happened and he asked if it was over. Liddell looked very dazed.

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