Wilson markham

Wilson swarming to finish Markham.

The fight was Rory Markham's first defeat in the IFL.

The FightEdit

The first round began and they touched gloves. They circled and clinched and broke. Markham landed a right hand and ate a teep backing up after cornering Wilson. Wilson landed a knee to the body. Wilson was keeping his distance. Wilson landed a massive right hand and dropped Markham and was on top standing pounding away repeatedly. Markham was struggling to defend himself. He stood and broke and ate a knee to the face and put his hand up for more crowd support. Wilson landed a leg kick. Wilson landed a body shot and a knee as they clinched and he dumped Markham hard to side control. He went knee on belly with a big right hand. He put himself in half-guard with a few elbows. He postured up with two big shots. Markham shoved him off and stood. Wilson landed aknee and a big right hand and a left hand and a right and dropped Markham hard and pounded in under and it was over.

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