The first round began. PBP. Lytle landed a leg kick and a right hand. He landed another counter right against a leg kick from Jhun and Jhun dropped. Lytle followed him down into guard. Lytle defended an armbar nicely and passed to half-guard. He passed to side control and worked for a kimura. He landed some GNP. Jhun regained half-guard. He worked to sweep. Lytle worked towards a crazy neck crank/guillotine. Lytle passed to side control, Jhun regained half-guard. He regained full guard. The ref stood them up with thirty seconds. They exchanged wildly missing and traded kicks. Jhun got a takedown but Lytle swept immediately into guard. The first round ended. The second round began. Lytle was countering the kicks of Jhun nicely. They clinched, Lytle got a takedown but Jhun popped back up to the clinch. Lytle had a standing guillotine and Jhun tapped.