The fight was Matt Brown's last fight before he entered the seventh season of The Ultimate Fighter.

The FightEdit

The first round of the match is not currently available. I found the second round on Youtube however haha. The second round began. Lytle landed a leg kick. Brown landed a leg kick and they clinched. Nice camera work... Brown defending a single-leg. Lytle gave it up and Brown turned the clinch. Lytle landed a knee and some short left hands inside and Brown landed two a big right and broke. He landed a body kick and another and they clinched. Brown nearly dragged Lytle down with sheer strength. They were stillc linched. Brown trying an arm drag and Lytle defended and ended up on top. Brown trying to regain guard and Lytle defending and passing fully to half-guard. Lytle trying to pass and Brown defending. Lytle landed a few elbows. He landed four more. Brown regained guard nicely. Lytle passed back to half-guard and landed an elbow. Lytle with a headlock from the top, possibly a guillotine. He was really cranking it, too. He mounted with it cranking it hard. Brown tapped Lytle's ass after a moment. Lytle rolled off and laid beside him as Brown punched the mat. Lytle stood and left Brown sitting there. They hugged after the official decision.

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