Chris lytle-7354

Chris Lytle looking.. relaxed before a fight begins.

Chris Lytle is a retired mixed martial artist who was known for his knockout power and willingness to stand and trade with anyone, despite the fact that he is an accomplished jiu jitsu artist on the ground.

Lytle most recently fought in a rematch with Matt Brown. The two went at in the expected sloppy slugfest until Lytle took Brown down and put out a ground clinic there before submitting Brown with an armbar from the mounted crucifix position.

Lytle made a quick turnaround to fight with Matt Serra, in yet another rematch from their battle to decide the welterweight winner of the fourth season of The Ultimate Fighter. Serra stood with Lytle which was undoubtedly a mistake. Lytle tagged Serra repeatedly and punished him standing en route to a unanimous decision victory, earning his fourth consecutive victory and entering real solid title contention for the first time in his UFC career.

Lytle expressed interest in facing the winner of the fight between fellow contenders Carlos Condit and Dan Hardy. Condit won, and Lytle got his wish, earning a shot at the former WEC welterweight champion. Condit suffered an injury just under three weeks before the fight and pulled out. Replacements such as Dong Hyun Kim and Mike Pierce were discussed. Instead, Lytle welcomed newcomer Brian Ebersole. Ebersole dominated Lytle completely en route to an upset unanimous decision victory.

Lytle next faced recent title challenger Dan Hardy. Before the bout, Lytle stated that he was going to retire afterwards -- win or lose. Lytle was winning the fight on the scorecards towards the end of the third and final round. He still managed to decisively finish Hardy with a guillotine choke submission, ending his career in fashion.

Lytle next decided to run for a seat on the Indiana state senate.

“I’ve decided that I can no longer let our government run with the same attitude that it has been for years. Our politicans worry about themselves more than the people they represent. That needs to change. Therefore, I’m running for state senate in Indiana. I know times are tough, but I would greatly appreciate campaign donations through my website,” Lytle wrote. ”I don’t care if it’s $10, $20, or $50. It all helps. I’m running against someone who has been in there for 23 years and is well funded. Once again thanks and please watch how I start fighting in a new way.”


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