Kongo 3.jpg

Kongo landing a seemingly effortless takedown on Al-Turk.

The fight was the UFC debut of Mustapha Al-Turk.

The FightEdit

The first round began. Al-Turk landed a jab early, answered by Kongo and Al-Turk stumbled. They circled. Al-Turk threw a leg kick, caught by Kongo who tossed Al-Turk. Kongo landed some hard kicks to Al-Turk's thighs. Al-Turk stood and went for the takedown,d efended by Kongo. They clinched. Al-Turk threw a knee to the body. Kongo threw a knee to the face. Kongo threw numerous elbows to Al-Turk's head. Kongo threw the inevitable knees to the legs of Al-Turk. Al-Turk threw a low knee and Kongo had to take a moment to recover. The fight was restarted. Al-Turk offered his glove and Kongo ignored it. Al-Turk tried for a big overhand right and Kongo ducked under it. Al-Turk tried for another takedown. Kongo threw some knees. A low blow by Kongo was thrown. Al-Turk had to take a moment. Mike Goldberg commented that it was '1-1' now, and chuckled. The fight was restarted. Kongo tried a wild leg kick. Kongo landed a few big rights and dropped Al-Turk, landing repeated hard elbows. Mazzagatti stood and watched while Kongo continued to drop elbows. Kongo began dropping hammerfists. Blood was everywhere from Al-Turk's forehead. Mazzagatti finally ended the fight. The crowd was roaring.

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