The first round began. They circled. Condit's trying to hunt him down, dropped him with a big right, soccer kick, stomp and missed another, Wada's through the ropes, ref moves him to center. Lmao damn. Condit standing over. Condit stomped and passed to side control, stepped over towards an armbar. Wada defended. Condit got the back. One hook. Got the other. A left under, a right. Switched to an armbar and lost it. They stood, Condit sprawled a double and landed a stomp, and a soccer kick, stomp, spun out into a right to side control, the first round ended, damn. 10-9 Condit.
The second round began... No wait it skipped forward to round 3? What? Condit caught a high kick landing a body kick and a right. Wada landed an inside kick, Condit kneed the face, soccer kick, passed to half-guard. Defended a triangle and an armbar to side control. Knee on belly. He mounted. Condit landed a left. Two or three more. A right. A few short lefts. Some short rights and lefts. Three or four rights. A right. A big right and a left, two rights. Four rights. He looked for a kimura or an armbar. He landed a right and a left, another, he got the back, going for a reverse triangle, lost it. Condit regained guard. Wada worked rights to the body. Wada landed a left. Condit worked a high guard. He tried a triangle. Last two minutes. Wada escaped. Wada worked short rights to head and body. Condit's through the ropes too much, they're moved to the center there. They adjust Wada's glove, Condit plays to the crowd raising his glove who applaud. They restart. Wada working rights body body head. Wada landed a few good lefts. A right. Condit looking to sweep, nope kimura. He has it locked up. He swept out and they stood and broke. Wada got a double but nope Condit reversed into another beautiful kimura, has it behind the back turning with Wada's escape attempts. Knee on the throat and belly, and Wada tapped. He bowed to all four corners, Wada's right nostril bleeding.

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