Condit Trigg

Condit locking up the tight triangle on Trigg.

The fight was in the semifinals of the Rumble on the Rock welterweight tournament. Carlos Condit went on to lose to Jake Shields in the finals.

The FightEdit

The first round began. Trigg shot in and got a double-leg immediately to guard, very aggressive. Condit landed an elbow from the bottom after a bit. Condit worked a high guard, he was staying active. Condit landed a pair of elbows from the bottom. Condit threw up a triangle, Trigg avoided. Trigg stood. Trigg postured up, he landed a pair of big body shots. Four minutes. Down into the regular guard. Condit locked up a triangle and that was tight, Trigg was fighting it, That was tight as all hell and Trigg tapped out.

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