The fight was for the WEC welterweight title with Carlos Condit defending.

The FightEdit

The first round began. They circled staring each other down intensely. They circled more, sizing each other up. Larson blocked a high kick. Four twenty with Larson shooting, Condit sprawled and stuffed it up to the clinch. Larson dumped Condit down to half-guard. Condit looked for a kimura. Four minutes remaining. Larson looked for a forearm choke and Condit was avoiding, no I think that's an arm triangle attempt. Larson postured up. Three thirty. Larson landed a right hand. He came down to guard. Three fifteen. Larson postured up once more. He came back down. Condit worked a high guard. Larson postured up out and he landed a left hand. Three minutes. Condit tried an armbar, Larson slammed him but it was tight as all hell. It was very tight. Larson was warned for holding the cage. Larson tapped after a moment and the referee yelled 'stop stop stop stop stop.'

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