The fight was for the inaugaral UFC women's strawweight championship. The fight was the UFC debut of both women.

The first round began. Rose landed a left. And a right anda  high kick. Rose landed a right. And a jumping high kick, Carla caught it and got a single to half-guard. Landed several rights. Rights and a knee to the body as Rose stood and broke away. 4:00. Carla landed a clipping left. Rose tried a flying knee and landed a left, tried a spinning back fist. Carla got a power double, Rose stood and ate a knee, kneed the head too. Tried another backfist. They clinched. Carla landed a right elbow and a left breaking away, 3:00. Nice exchanges, Rose landed a right. Rose landed a leg kick and a jumping high kick. Carla kneed the body twice, right elbow. 2:00. Rose pressuring. "Over the shoulder Rose!" Rose landed an inside kick. Carla got a double to half-guard. Rose regained guard. Carla landed a left and another, a right. A left and a right, Rose stood eating a right and landed one. 1:00. Carla stuffed a trip as they clinched, kneed the body. 30. Carla kneed the body four times. Left uppercut, they broke. 15. Carla got another double to guard. R1 ends, 10-9 Carla probably based off her shitty takedowns with which she did nothing.. Could go either way.

R2 began. Rose sidekicked the face. Carla landed a right. Rose stuffed a single. Rose landed a jumping kick and a left, they clinched, ate a few knees and a right before they broke. 4:00. Carla got a double to half-guard. A left and a pair of rights. Right elbow, another. Another. A left hand. A right. Rose landed a left elbow. They stood. 3:00. Rose landed a counter right. Carla landed a counter right and got her down to half-guard, two left elbows. Half-butterfly. Carla landed a few rights, full butterfly guard. Rose landed an upkick, 2:00. Carla landed a left and a right, and a left. Left elbow. Another. Rose regaining guard and does. "Elbows!" Rose lands a left elbow. Carla lands a right. Left elbow and another. 1:00 left. Half-guard. Carla passing. Can't. Right elbow, right hand. 35. Right elbow. Carla mounts. Rights and lefts. 15. More. More. More. Rights under. More. Got the back, both hooks. Right hands, R2 ends, 10-9 Carla clearly...

R3 began. Rose missed a backfist, Carla got a single to guard. Passed immediately to half-guard, three lefts. Carla lands a right. Got the back. One hook. Rights under. Other hook in now. Rights. More. More. 4:00. Left elbow. Rights. Working for the choke. It's on the chin cranking the neck. Looks tight. Rose taps. Fuck. They hugged after Carla's celebration. 1:26 R3. She wins the belt and a Harley Davidson.. And the TUF season lol. She dedicated the win to Shane Del Rosario.