The first round began. Billington landed a nice body kick. They clinched. Stann kneed the body. Four thirty-five. Stann kneed the body nicely. Stann kneed the body high trying for the chin. Four fifteen. Stann kneed the body and again. He broke with a pawing left hook. Billington landed a solid right uppercut and ate a cracking counter straight right. Billington's eyes rolled. They clinched with four minutes. Three thirty. Stann kneed the leg and the body and the leg again. He was really working knees here. He kneed the body and landed a left elbow. He kneed the body hard with three fifteen. Billington replied but ate a harder knee there. Three minutes as Billington landed a right uppercut and ate a knee to the face and a right hand. Stann got the trip to guard. Two thirty-five. Two fifteen. Stann stood over him. He kicked the leg. Two minutes. Stann landed three rights and three more solid ones and a left hand and the fight was over. The crowd loved it. The doctors checked out Stann who said "I didn't get touched."