Bowles cranking the tight guillotine that forced Page to submit.

The FightEdit

The first round began and they touched gloves. Page came forward eating a combination and Page missed a high kick missing narrowly. Page landed a body kick. Page landed a body kick and slipped and fell to his back. Bowles landed a big body shot down and came to guard. Page landed an elbow from the bottom and was warned for hitting the back of the head. Four ten. Page landed a hammerfist from the bottom. He threw up a triangle attempt but missed. Page trying to stand. Bowles had a standing guillotine against the cage. He pulled guard with it but let it go. Page landed a pair of elbows. Three thirty. Three fifteen. Page was looking to pass. Bowles was defending it. Bowles tried to roll for something but Page stood. Two thirty-five. Page missed a knee to the head. Page missed a high kick and ate a flush right hand. Bowles landed an uppercut. Two minutes. Bowles missed a big overhand right. Page landed a good leg kick. He landed another, Bowles tried for the takedown, he couldn't get it, Bowles pulled guard with a standing guillotine. He came down in guard with it, it was tight, Page was forced to tap, he almost went out. No both of his arms had been trapped in the hold and the referee, Rosenthal, had stopped it.

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