Rogers landing a big knee to the face of Humphrey.

The fight was the Strikeforce debut of Brett Rogers and he came in undefeated, as did Humphrey. The fight was Abongo Humphrey's first MMA loss.

The FightEdit

The first round began and they touched gloves. Humphrey pushed forward wildly. Humphrey landed a good leg kick. Humphrey missed a leg kick and turned it to a missed turning side kick. Four twenty-five remaining. Rogers pressed forward and they clinched and Humphrey broke with a blocked high kick and they clinched. They broke with four ten. They clinched and Humphrey broke eating an uppercut and landed a leg kick. Rogers landed a good knee to the face inside and they clinched. Humphrey worked for a single-leg, Rogers defended and landed a big knee to the face and broke with a combination and they circled out. Three twenty-five. Three fifteen. Humphrey landed a nice body shot. Rogers landed a good left and a good right. They clinched, Rogers landed a knee to the body. Another. Three minutes remaining. Rogers landed another knee to the body and a pair of uppercuts. Humphrey landed a good knee and broke. Rogers slipped eating a leg kick and stood to the clinch. Two twenty. Two ten. Rogers landed a big knee to the face as Humphrey broke. They circled. Two minutes. Rogers landed a big right hand. They clinched. Humphrey was hurt though. Rogers landed another big knee and another and they broke. The referee warned Rogers for grabbing the hair and paused the fight. They continued. Rogers did it again and he got his last warning, and then they continued with one twenty. They clinched and broke. Humphrey missed anotehr turning side kick, they clinched, Rogers landed a knee, ate one, and landed another, both of his to the face, they clinched again, Rogers did it again, Herb Dean took a point for grabbing the hair. Humphrey was taking some time to recover, strangely. It's just hair-pulling dude. They continued with forty-five. They clinched. Thirty-five. Rogers landed a knee to the body. Twenty remaining. Ten. Rogers landed a big uppercut inside. Another. Another pair. Humphrey broke. Humphrey was struggling to press forward and the first round ended. The second round began. They circled. Rogers pushed forward and they clinched. Humphrey seemed a bit more gassed. Rogers kneed the leg. Humphrey kneed the body. Humphrey worked for a single, Rogers defended. Humphrey broke eating another knee to the face. Four twenty. Rogers landed another trio of uppercuts. Rogers ate a knee to the body and landed one, they broke, Rogers landed another uppercut and a left hook as they clinched. Four minutes. Rogers landed another pair of uppercuts. Another one. Another one. Another pair of knees to the face, another pair of uppercuts and a pair of big knees. Humphrey was just eating them. Rogers landed another pair of knees and they broke. Humphrey stood for a second and collapsed onto his side with a bloody nose. The referee stopped it.

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