The first round began and they touched gloves. Ward drops Carroll with a body kick. He's a huge welterweight. Ward easily gets a double, lets him up. Lands a left. And a right uppercut and a hard one-two, stuffs a takedown easily, lets him up. Carroll lands a leg kick. Tries a spinning kick, gets thrown down and let up. Carroll lands a leg kick. 4:00. Ward throws him down, lets him up. Ward took a groin kick, time called. They continue. Ward lands a right uppercut, sprawls a single, lets him up. Carroll lands a body kick, eats a counter left and a huge flying knee. Ward lands a hard counter right. 3:00. Ward drops him unconscious with something. I blinked/looked away for just a second. Damn. In the replay it was a big right. Ward lands a right on the ground, Big John tackles him. 2:06 R1. Complete and utter mismatch, shameful.