The fight was Demetrious Johnson's WEC debut and he came in undefeated.

The FightEdit

The first round began and they touched gloves. Johnson landed an inside leg kick. Pickett landed a good left hand and an uppercut and caught Johnson. Johnson recovered and landed a leg kick. He tried for the plum and backed off. He was showing good footwork. Pickett blocked a dangerous high kick. Johnson bounced around. Four fifteen. Johnson landed a good inside leg kick. Pickett landed another good left hand. Pickett caught a leg kick, Johnson tripped but recovered circling out. Pickett caught another leg kick and landed a left, Johnson recovered. Three thirty-five. Pickett blocked another high kick. Johnson landed a leg kick. Johnson faked a Superman punch and clinched and broke away again. Three ten. Johnson ducked a punch and landed a leg kick. Three minutes with Pickett catching another leg kick and getting a hard single to side control. Pickett landed a nice elbow. Johnson regained half-guard. Two thirty-five. Johnson retained guard. Pickett landed a good right hand. Two twenty. Pickett stood with a good uppercut. Pickett blocked another high kick, caught another leg kick for a single to guard, he avoided a triangle and came down with a right hand to half-guard dodging an upkick. Two minutes. Pickett passed to side control, Johnson regained half-guard. 'Don't let him up!' Johnson avoided mount to regain guard. One twenty-five. Pickett got shoved off and they stood. Johnson landed some jabs and a body kick. Pickett blocked a high kick. Pickett missed a Superman punch. Pickett got another single and Johnson stood, he landed a switch leg kick and got the high kick blocked. Pickett threw Johnson down into half-guard. He passed to side control. Thirty. Pickett had the crucifix. Twenty. Johnson got the arm out after a bit. Ten. Johnson stood to the clinch with a knee and another and a right hand and a knee to the face and the first round ended. The second round began and they touched gloves. Johnson landed a body kick. Johnson with good footwork. Pickett landed an inside leg kick. Johnson landed a leg kick, Pickett caught it with a left hand. Four twenty-five. Johnson landed an inside leg kick. Four fifteen. Johnson landed an inside leg kick and faked it too. Four minutes. Johnson landed another inside leg kick and a leg kick. Three forty. Pickett missed a flying knee. Johnson landed a body kick. Three twenty-five. Johnson landed a leg kick and a body kick. Pickett tried for a single and got it to side control. Three minutes. Pickett kneed the body. Johnson turned out and stood and he landed a body kick. Johnson landed another body kick. He landed a front kick. Pickett landed a body shot and ate a body kick. Johnson landed a body kick and ate another body shot and landed a knee. Pickett got a single to half-guard and put himself in guard. Two minutes with Pickett passing to half-guard after a moment. One forty. Johnson retained guard. One thirty. Pickett landed a big elbow. One twenty. Johnson had the butterflies but lost them and back to regular guard. One minute with Pickett taking the standing back. He tried the suplex, Johnson avoided and after a moment they stood and broke and Johnson landed a pair of body kicks. Pickett blocked a high kick. Thirty. They clinched. Twenty. Johnson landed a knee. Pickett got a double-leg slam hard to side control. Pickett landed a short elbow. Pickett mounted with six left. Pickett landed a pair of right hands. The second round ended. Matt Hume told Johnson, 'if you can take him down, do it.' The third round began and they touched gloves.Pickett shot in and got a double to guard and he passed to half-guard. Johnson turned and turtled up. He stood halfway and ate three or four knees and to the regular clinch, Johnson kneed the body. And again. Four ten. Four minutes with Pickett trying a single. The referee warned Johnson twice about grabbing the fence and Pickett got the single to half-guard. Three forty. Johnson retained guard. Pickett passed back to half-guard with three twenty remaining. Johnson stood with three minutes, Pickett retained the back. Johnson turned and they broke. Pickett dodged the Superman punch. Johnson landed a combination. They clinched, Johnson landed a knee, they broke. Johnson got a single to guard with two thirty. Johnson landed a good forearm. Johnson landed another elbow. Pickett turned out and they stood and clinched. Two minutes remaining with Johnson getting a good arm drag and turtling Pickett up, Pickett got a good double-leg to side control. One forty. Pickett trying to go knee on belly. Johnson avoided. Pickett mounted and then one twenty. One ten. One minute. Pickett landed a few big body shots. Johnson hip-escaped to half-guard. Forty. Thirty-five. Thirty. Johnson stood with the whizzer and broke and they clinched again with twenty. Pickett landed a knee. Pickett landed another knee. He had the back, Johnson turned into half-guard, Johnson came back on top and the third round ended, they shook hands and hugged on the ground. Pickett took the unanimous decision. Johnson applauded as he took his first loss.

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