The first round began. Lashley got a good double to half-guard. Lands a left. Passing, Charles stands to the clinch and breaks away. Charles blitzes forward, eats a right uppercut after an exchange. Charles lands an inside kick. 4:00. Lashley gets a double and is taking the back. Charles standing. Lashley gets a suplex. Still has the back. Knees the thigh. Charles working to stand. 3:00. Does. Was warned twice for grabbing the cage. Lashley trips him down dumping him hard. Charles stands again to the waist cinch. Knees the thigh. 2:00. Charles was warned twice more for grabbing the cage. Lashley dumps him down. Charles is back up. Lashley lands a foot stomp. Knees the thigh. Two more good knees. 1:00. Trips the leg and suplexes Charles, ragdolls him. A couple rights under. Two more. 35. Charles is back up. Lashley knees the leg. Two more, another. 15. Lashley thinking suplex again but can't get it. Lashley knees the chest. R1 ends, 10-9 Lashley.

R2 began. Lashley gets him down early, Charles working a triangle, Lashley powerbombs his way out. Half-guard. Several lefts under, has the back, a few rights under, more, hard right hammerfists. Charles is back up, was warned twice more for grabbing the cage, eats a few knees to the legs. Lashley dumps him down again, has the back, rights under as Charles stands yet again. Lashley knees the head. And leg. 3:00. Lashley dumps Charles down hard. Rights under. Ref telling Charles to work. Charles' nose is bleeding. He's back up. He was warned twice more for grabbing. Lashley dumps him down. "Come on Danny, you gotta move." Charles stands again. 2:00. Lashley dumps him down after Big John knocks Charles' hands away from the cage. RIghts under from Lashley. Rights under. Big John taking a close look. A few more rights under. A few more. Boos. Rights. 1:00. Boos. Right hands, not big ones but right hands. Boos. More, ref stops it. Lashley tells the crowd he loves St. Louis. Seems like a nice and classy guy.