Ufc87 01 saunders vs thomas 001

Ben Saunders lands a flying knee to the nose of Ryan Thomas.

Saunders Thomas armbar

Saunders submitting Thomas with an inverted armbar.

The fight was the UFC debut of Thomas.

The FightEdit

Round one began and the fighters came out and touched gloves. Saunders landed a right cross early and a jumping knee right after and Thomas clipped him next. Saunders landed a body kick and then into the Muay Thai clinch. Thomas wisely backed off. Thomas landed a body kick. Saunders and Thomas exchanged kicks. Saunders landed a body kick and then a knee to the body. Thomas clinched and shoved Saunders against the fence. Four minutes remained. Saunders landed a knee to the body. Thomas landed a few elbows and Saunders just missed a head kick. Saunders landed a body kick and then another. Thomas landed a body kick. Saunders landed a kick to the elbow and Thomas clinched and they broke. Saunders landed a body kick. Saunders landed a few strikes and then a knee that knocked Thomas down. Thomas looked for a reverse triangle after Saunders pounced and clinched the choke. Saunders escaped into side control. Thomas was at this point bloodied up over the right eye, probably from the knee that knocked him down. Two minutes remained. Thomas rolled for the triangle again, striking at his head at the same time. Saunders popped out and passed through to half guard, pounding away on Thomas's midsection. Saunders pushed to side control again. Saunders turned and pushed to full guard. Saunders got Thomas's back and began executing a body triangle. Thirty seconds remained. Ten seconds remained. The body triangle continued. The first round came to conclusion. Thomas's corner ordered him to go for the takedown. Meanwhile, Saunders was told to stay standing.

The second round began and the fighters came out and touched gloves. Saunders threw a body kick. Thomas pushed hard for the takedown, dragging Saunders into full guard but Saudners stood, feeling that he had the stand-up advantage. Thomas tried for a head kick and threw a few jabs. Saunders threw a leg kick. Saunders landed a vicious head kick and Thomas went down. Saunders took Thomas's back but eventually stood up. They exchanged strikes with Thomas getting the better of the exchange with a one-two combination. Thomas's hands began dropping a bit. He looked a little gassed. Saunders landed a vicious elbow and Thomas dragged Saunders down to the ground but Saunders stood up once more. Thomas landed a jab but Saunders landed a body kick that hurt Thomas bad, followed by a straight right hand. Saunders pounced and dragged Thomas down, took his back and went for a kimura and changed it to an inverted armbar. Thomas tapped with two minutes and thirty-six seconds remaining in the second round.

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