The fight was the Bellator debut of both men and it was in the quarterfinals of the Season Two welterweight tournament.

The FightEdit

The first round began. They circled with Thomas pumping out some punches. Askren shot in, Thomas was defending. He got it after a moment into guard. Thomas worked a rubber guard. Thomas tried a sweep and turned it to a triangle and it was tight. Four ten. Askren escaped. Four minutes. Thomas was trying a leglock now. Askren came back down to half-guard, almost side control. Three forty. Askren rolled for a D'arce choke, Thomas was on top in side control. Askren rolled on top to side control with a good sweep and turtled Thomas up. He was holding Thomas on both knees. They stood with Askren getting a single back to guard. Thomas landed some hammerfists from the bottom. Two forty. Askren passed to side control and then north-south. Askren turtled him up, sat up for a Peruvian necktie and then a tight guillotine. The referee stopped it. Thomas was looking at the referee angrily. Thomas was furious. Technical submission. Askren advances. Askren apologized. The crowd booed as the announcement was made. Askren did not look impressed. Thomas called it the worst call he had ever seen. It was his third loss in last fourth fights. Thomas wanted a rematch. Askren said he'd give him one if they could hook it up.

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