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Attila Kubilay vs. Richard Bowkett

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The fight was for Cage Rage. The fight was one of the more controversial fights in Cage Rage history for the many flagrant fouls committed before and during the match by Attila Kubilay, leading to a disqualification in favor of Richard Bowkett.

The FightEdit

In the pre-fight staredown, Kubilay punched Bowkett with a right hand. The commentators didn't seem surprised... They were talking to Bowkett. They continued. The first round began. Kubilay landed a leg kick. They clinched. Bowkett worked for a double. Kubilay was defending. Kubilay rolled. They rolled some more, Bowkett was on top. Kubilay on top and he turtled him up. He kneed him on the ground and again and he wouldnt' stop attacking. The referee hauled him off. He had Kubilay in a rear-naked choke and that looked tight. Kubilay got out. People came to surround him and he was disqualified.

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