Schroeder nogueira

Schroeder versus Nogueira

Nogueira came in undefeated in his second pro MMA fight while Schroeder was 2-5. The fight was in 1999.

The FightEdit

The first round began. Nogueira landed a leg kick, came in and they clinched. Nogueira got the trip, almost had the back but Schroeder kept it in half-guard. Nogueira passed to side control. Schroeder landed a few knees from the bottom. One minute in. Nogueira put himself in half-guard. Schroeder looked very relaxed and patient, trying a useless guillotine. Schroeder turned and Nogueira had the back and turned for a beautiful armbar and he had it locked up, trying to straighten it. Schroeder fought it and tried to stand out but tapped. They shook hands and hugged.

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