Cruz trying for the kneebar moments before the knockout.

The FightEdit

The first round began and they touched gloves. Arlovski landed an inside leg kick. He looked angry. Cruz came for the takedown, Arlovski sprawled and Cruz pulled guard, half-guard actually and held Arlovski. Arlovski sprawled out again and they stood into the clinch. Cruz came for that single-leg. He was really trying for it. He wasn't going to get it though. Arlovski landed some shots in under, hammerfists. Cruz kept on looking for that single leg. He kept looking for it. Yep still. He pulled guard and rolled for a heelhook and Arlovski was trying for an anklelock of his own. He let it go and he was trying to stand out of it. Arlovski landed a kick to the shoulder and the referee was telling them to stop. It was to the shoulder though. The referee warned Arlovski. The fight continued, Arlovski landed a big right hand and Cruz was hurt, he was hugging the leg, Arlovski kept pounding in under, I think Cruz was out, yeah the referee stopped the fight.

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