The fight was for the middleweight title with Anderson Silva defending. It was the first time Vitor Belfort had been knocked unconscious.

The FightEdit

The first round began. Four thirty-five. Four fifteen. Four minutes as the crowd began to boo. Three thirty-five. Belfort landed a leg kick. Silva missed a knee stomp. Three fifteen. Three minutes. Silva did the running hands waving thing. Belfort landed a leg kick. The crowd chanted Vitor. Two thirty-five. Silva's waving his hands crazily. Belfort landed a straight left. Two fifteen. Belfort got a single and landed a right as they scrambled. Silva kneed the face as they broke. Silva blocked a high kick and landed a leg kick. It's definitely after two minutes. Belfort swung crazily, Silva's head movement is... well yeah outstanding. Silva landed a front kick to the face and dropped Belfort unconscious. He landed a left and then a right. It was over.

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