Silva landing big shots to the face of Franklin from the Muay Thai clinch, breaking his nose and knocking him out.

The fight was for the UFC middleweight title with Rich Franklin defending.

The FightEdit

The first round began and the fighters touched gloves. They circled. Silva landed a leg kick. Franklin landed a leg kick. Silva landed a leg kick. Franklin landed a leg kick, a strike combination and then another leg kick. Silva landed a straight front kick. Franklin landed a strike. Silva pushed forward and they clinched. Silva began landing knees to the body, repeated knees to the midsection. Silva landed a knee to the face. Franklin looked dazed. They broke the clinch. Silva landed another knee to the face, a headkick and they clinched. Another knee to the face was landed and Franklin collapsed. Anderson Silva was the new middleweight champion. Franklin broke his nose due the knee that he received from Silva.

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