Stout silva

Silva on top in half-guard moments before finishing Stout.

The fight was for the Cage Rage World middleweight title with Anderson Silva defending.

The FightEdit

The first round began. Stout landed a leg kick. Stout landed an inside leg kick. Silva landed a body kick hard. He got a takedown into half-guard nicely. Stout threw up a triangle, Silva postured up out and they scrambled and stood to the clinch and Silva ended up on top avoiding a suplex into side control nicely. Stout regained half-guard. Stout regained guard. Silva postured up. He landed a right hand downwards. Silva landed two more big right hands. Stout turtled up and gave up his back, and Silva was on top in half-guard with four more right hands and Stout was out and it was all over. Silva had knocked him out.

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