The fight was a rematch of their fight on the seventh season of The Ultimate Fighter. It was to decide the middleweight winner of the season. The fight was Amir Sadollah's professional mixed martial arts debut and the official UFC debut of both men. The fight was C.B. Dollaway's first official MMA defeat of only two thus far.

The FightEdit

The first round began and they touched gloves. Dollaway landed a nice leg kick. Sadollah landed a front kick. Sadollah faked a leg kick. He landed a front kick. Dollaway landed a body kick. Four twenty-five remained. Dollaway landed a nice leg kick. Sadollah blocked a body kick. Dollaway shot in and got a double-leg to half-guard. Sadollah retained guard. Four minutes. Dollaway was looking to pass. Sadollah was defending. Three forty. Dollaway postured up. He came back down. Three twenty remained. Dollaway passed to side control. Dollaway had an arm isolated. He got the crucifix with three minutes. Sadollah escaped and turtled up quickly. Dollaway rolled for a possible reverse triangle and then postured up with a left hand and came down back to butterfly guard. Two thirty-five. Sadollah pulled full guard. Two twenty. Dollaway stacked him and landed three left hands. Sadollah grabbed a tight armbar, Dollaway landed three hammerfists. It was tight though. Dollaway tapped. He immediately said 'what?' He said he didn't tap. Rogan said he did. Sadollah came over to talk to him. Dollaway came over and hugged him.

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