Overeem sylvester

A grainy picture of Overeem landing knees to Sylvester in the clinch.

The fight was only eight days before Alistair Overeem was set to face James Thompson at Dream 12.

The FightEdit

The firs tround began and they circled. Sylvester looked scared. They clinched but broke. Sylvester looked terrified. Sylvester landed an inside leg kick. Overeem landed a body kick. They clinched but broke. Overeem landed a big knee to Sylvester's chin and dropped him,s tanding over him and ground-and-pounding. Sylvester stood and the referee let him up. They clinched and Overeem landed another big knee to the chin, to the body, to the chin, to the body. Overeem grabbed a standing guillotine mercifully and Sylvester tapped. Destruction..

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