Overeem and Kharitonov exchanging knees

Overeem and Kharitonov exchanging knees.

The fight was in K-1 HERO'S.


The first round began. Overeem landed an inside leg kick and another. Another a moment later. They circled. Overeem landed an inside leg kick. Kharitonov landed a counter left hand. Four fifteen. Overeem with an inside and otu leg kick, Kharitonov shot for the single, Overeem stuffed it and they broke. Overeem landed a leg kick. Overeem landed a right hand. Overeem partially landed a knee to the body. They clinched, Overeem had the standing back, Kharitonov got the throw and they stood, Overeem still had the standing back and they broke. Overeem landed a leg kick and a right hand and they clinched. Overeem landed a knee and they broke. Overeem landed a leg kick. Overeem landed a knee as they clinched. Kharitonov had the whizzer but Overeem got back up and had the standing back. Overeem kneed the leg. Kharitonov grabbed the ropes briefly but the ref didn't warn him. Two twenty. They turned and broke. Overeem landed an inside leg kick. He missed a high kick. Overeem landed a hard leg kick. Two minutes with Kharitonov landing an inside leg kick. Overeem missed a high front kick. Kharitonov landed a right hand and a knee and another and a big uppercut and a hard knee to the body. Kharitonov landed a hard left hook. Overeem landed a knee to the face, another pair to the body and another to the face, a jumping one to the body, another to the face and a right hand. They clinched and broke. One ten. They clinched, Overeem landed a knee. Overeem slipped as they broke but stood. Kharitonov landed a pair of uppercuts, another, a blocked high knee, another to the body. Overeem landed an uppercut and a right hook, Overeem ran away and ate a right hand behind and above the ear and toppled on his face through the ropes and the fight was over by knockout. Don't run away.

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