The fight was Alexander Shlemenko's long-awaited return to Bellator after a lengthy suspension for banned substances.

The first round began. Grove lands an inside kick. Alex blocks a high kick. Alex lands a left to the body. He lands a hard body kick. 4:00. Grove blocks a hard spinning back fist. "Hurt him!" Grove dodges a spinning back kick. Alex lands an inside kick, eats one. Grove lands a right, knees the head, clinch. Alex lands three lefts to the body. Grove knees the thigh. Alex lands a couple lefts to the body. A couple more. 3:00. "Keep making him work, don't let him get relaxed!" They break. "Use your reach!" Grove avoids a spinning back fist. Grove lansd a right, eats a counter left and drops. Alex beckons and lets him up. Alex defends a single easily, thinking standing guillotine, knees the head, works a tight standing guillotine, tha's in, breaks kneeing the head, ladns a right, knees the body, eats a right. Alex lands a counter left. 2:00. Grove ladns a counter left and a right and a left, wobbles Alex. Grove hunts him down, knees the head and body, two right uppercuts, right and a left, body kick and a left, knees the body, a right uppercut. Alex stuffs a single, clinch. Grove lands a right elbow, another, another, they break. Alex walks away wearily. Grove hunting him down. 1:00. Alex lands a good body kick. 35. Grove lands an inside kick. Grove blocks a spinning back fist. Clinch, Alex knees the body. 15. Grove knees the body. Breaks with a slicing right elbow, R1 ends, 10-9 Grove but very close.

R2 began. Alex lands a body kick. Grove lands a counter right. Knees the body. Alex lands a hard spinning back kick after waving Grove in. Alex misses a spinning backfist. 4:00. Grove making Alex miss. Alex lands a left to the liver and a  hard counter right dropping Grove hard, Grove just laid down. Alex pounces with several right hammerfists, right hands, a couple more, it's over, wow. "I tried to let you go baby," Big John consoles Grove, "I know you got hurt to the body." Grove hugs Alex. 1:43 R2. They hug. Alex shakes hands with Grove's corner, as does his corner. Shlemenko says he wants the winner of the Manhoef-Carvalho title rematch, thinks Manhoef will win.

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