The first round began. Garcia works a double, gets it to guard. Swick lands a few rights from the bottom. 4:00. Stands and breaks away. They clinch, ugh. Garcia gets him down against the cage. Half-guard. 3:00. Rights to the body. Ugh. Swick stands to the clinch and breaks, lands a one-two. Swick lands a hard leg kick. Little mouse under Garcia's right eye from Swick's jab. 2:00. Pace has very much slowed. Both men smiling. Swick lands a good check knee to the body. 1:00. Swick blocks a body kick. Swick lands a good right. Garcia lands a left. 35. Swelling under Garcia's right eye. 15. Garcia showing frustration. R1 ends. Very close and tepid round. 10-9 Swick I suppose but close, could very well be Garcia's.

R2 began. Garcia lands a clipping right, works a double. Gets it. Butterfly guard. 4:00. Garcia lands a right or two. Swick stands, lands a knee, breaks. They trade a jab each. Swick lands another. Nice exchange. 3:00. Nice exchange, Swick lands a left. And a hard jab. Swick lands a jab. "Be first!" Garcia lands a good right. They clinch and break. 2:00. Garcia tries a lazy spinning kcik. Swick lands a hard jab. Eats a right. Swick blocks a body kick. Swick replies. Swick lands a jab. And another. 1:00. Garcia visibly tired. Boos. Swick defending a double. Garcia slams him to side control, crowd oohs. 35. Swick regaining half-guard. 15. A few lefts to the body. R2 ends. Close but 10-9 Swick IMO, Garcia didn't do anything with those takedowns or anything on the feet really, Swick did more. Swick's corner said he needs to stop Garcia.

R3 began and they touch gloves. Swick lands a counter left but not much behind it. Swick jabbing. Lands a right. Garcia blocks a high kick. Swick lands a jab. Both men are tired. 4:00. Garcia controlling the center, not doing much.... Swinging wildly, sloppily. Swick lands a jab. Swick lands a right. Garcia lands a left. 3:00. Swick jabbing. Lands a solid one. Garcia works a double hard, works hard. And slams him, Swick visibly grabbed the fence right before and was warned. In guard. Garcia defends a triangle and omoplata, passes to half-guard. 2:00. "Work!" Garcia thinking arm triangle. Mounts. Lefts to the body. More. 1:00. 35. Not much happening. "Elbow!" A left or two, a right. 15. Garcia goes for an armbar. Swick escapes standing over him, R3 ends, 10-9 Garcia, 29-28 Swick, possibly 29-28 Garcia. ;) Bring it on. 29-28 and two 30-27s for Garcia UD.     Meh shitty performance from both.